The Modern Wanderer

Change is scary. Change is necessary. Change is beautiful.

On September 19th 2019, my sister Hailey and myself (Shannon) sat down at our grandmothers sewing machine and we taught ourselves how to sew scrunchies. We posted those scrunchies on instagram and called ourselves Hometown Creations. 


Just over a year later, we decided that we needed to rebrand. Together we chose the name, Patty's Gals, in honour of our later grandmother who's sewing machine we taught ourselves to sew at. We recognized that she was pushing us to build this business from the other side and everything we did was in her honour.

This was our first Patty's Gals logo, back when we were two sister and a sewing machine.


Now here we are... exactly four years later from the release of our very first scrunchies. So much has changed in these past four years and we've again recognized a need to transform. Hailey has become a full time nurse and her role in the business has become "I help when I can because i'm busy saving babies" rather than a co-owner. I have graduated from my masters degree in sustainability science and have taken on this business as my full time job. 

As we aim to branch more into unisex apparel and as our vision of the business changes, we are also changing. Our grandmother Patty will always be the inspiration for everything we do and we will always carry her spirit with us. However, it's time for us to rebrand... just one more time.

So here we are, Modern Wanderer.

For us, a Modern Wanderer is someone deeply connected to nature, finding solace and inspiration in the natural world. They embody a contemporary approach to exploration, blending a passion for adventure with a profound respect for the environment, seeking to harmonize with nature in their journeys and experiences. They take the approach of feet on the ground and head in the clouds, finding themselves grounded like an oak and free like the wind.

Welcome to Modern Wanderer.... we're excited to have you. 

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