About Us

About Us


We're Shannon and Hailey, two sisters who started this business in 2019 by hand sewing scrunchies. Since then we have expanded into botanical dyeing, screen printing, and sewing a whole lot more than scrunchies.

From the beginning our goal has always been to provide sustainably made products at price points for everyone. We focus on reusing second hand materials and upcycling second hand items, in order to bring new life to old textiles. Reusing thrifted materials is one way in which we aim to combat the excessive amounts of waste in the fashion industry.

We also believe that vintage materials are simply just... better. That is why we focus on sourcing high quality vintage natural fibres like silk and turning them into something better.

This business is named after out grandmother, Patty. She was a seamstress and while she passed away before being up to teach us how to sew, we taught ourselves on her machine. We believe that she is with us every single stitch of the way.


Shannon speaking here, I am the main gal at Patty's Gals, spearheading most operations; including product design, social media, customer relations, product manufacturing and so on! You'll find me at every market and behind the DM button on instagram.

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a masters in sustainability, I am extremely passionate about protecting the natural world and honouring the gifts of mother nature. I love to thrift and spend time in nature when i'm not behind the sewing or screen printing machine.

I'm a sagittarius sun, cancer moon & pisces rising (and very clearly an astrology girlie).

I am constantly pulling inspiration from the natural world, my spiritual practices and vintage fashion.


Still Shannon speaking but on behalf of Hailey, she's my sister I think I can get this right.

Hailey has been my right hand since day one of this business, however recently her role has become smaller as she's moved into a full time nursing job. Don't worry though she's still here, thrifting, sewing, screen printing, and dyeing. However, nowadays her main role in the business is as our resident screen printer! Hailey attends most markets when her schedule allows and you'll most likely see both of us behind the booth.

Hailey is passionate about women's health and is currently a full time nurse in the NICU. We pretty much have the same hobbies and on any given day you can find her in a thrift store or in the forest by a stream digging for rocks.

Hailey is a taurus sun, scorpio moon, and sagittarius rising.

Additional Patty's Gals Peeps


Jill is a long time friend who joined the team when we started curating our vintage natural fibre collection. Her main role with the business is aiding in sourcing vintage and support at markets! At our bigger shows you can find Jill at our booth alongside me and hailey.

Jill has a background in Environmental Geoscience and Sustainability and currently works at Vineland Research and Innovation on the plant responses and the environment team. Outside of work she enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and camping but spend most of my time and money on her one true love…FASHION. Jill has been thrifting since high school and loves the diversity and accessibility that comes with buying second hand. 


Paige is another long time friend who started working with us by designing with us! Paige is an artist in mediums such as paint and digital design. We collaborate with paige in making our designs (such as our zodiac collection or tread lightly designs). In addition, she creates and prints all of the stickers in our shop!

Recently you can find paige lending us a hand at markets and you will catch her at our bigger shows.

Paige is currently completing her masters in psychology and aims to be a therapist in the future. Outside of work paige is extremely artistic, she loves to paint but also explores all types of art such as clay and digital design.

Check out her art page @paigesspaintings

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