About Us

About Us

Established in 2019. 

Hi, I'm Shannon, thanks for being here.

I started this business is 2019 with my sister Hailey, we taught ourselves how to sew on our late grandmothers sewing machine and we started making scrunchies.

Since then I have branched into using variety of mediums such as sewing, screen printing, and natural dyeing.

I aim to offer one of a kind upcycled and vintage pieces that are accessible to everyone. Always changing with the seasons of nature and the seasons of my life.

Inspired by nature, my late grandmothers, and my spanish ancestral roots.

Everything I do is rooted in a deep love of the environment and a connection to the nurturing energies that created me and continue to nourish me.

My dad collects vintage stereos and music memorabilia, I collect vintage clothing and fabrics.

My mom makes a community everywhere she goes, I try to do the same.

Modern Wanderer at its core, is connected to the past, whether that be through my use of vintage textiles, or my connection to those who came before me. I aim to go back to a simpler time, when our clothing was made to last from fibres that came from the earth.

A love for mother earth is woven into every garment. I hope you love and cherish it the same way I do.

With Love,



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